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Korean Beginner 1 Class is the foundation of all Korean Beginner Classes.
If you are just starting your Korean Language Learning journey, this course is for you.

How to Sign up:

√ Downpayment and pre-enrollment are needed so you can be reserved a slot and be able to join this class
√ Message us through the chat box icon on the lower left side of the page so that we can assist you.

What you will learn:

  • How to read and write using the Korean Alphabet system called Hangeul
  • Proper Pronunciation Rules and Reading Practice
  • Self Introduction using Formal and Casual Polite Form
  • Supplementary Lessons (What is this?)
  • Transformation of Verbs into Present, Past and Future Tense (요 form).
  • Negation of sentences for Be (is, are, am) ending and Present 요 form ending
  • Two Basic Sentence Pattern and their usage (the foundation of Korean Language Grammar)
  • Two Korean Counting Systems (Sino-Korean Numbers & Native Korean Numbers)
  • Telling date, day and time
  • Stating your day to day activities through verb endings with place and time particles
  • Locating people, things and places and their specific positions
  • How to buy items and order in restaurants
  • 500+ Nouns and Verb Vocabulary
  • Practice Reading, Constructing Sentence through Speaking and Writing and Listening through Native Korean Speaking Audio Exercises

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Course Curriculum

Class Rules and Guidelines
Class Rules and Guidelines 00:00:00
[KB1] How to Access Video Recording of Sessions? 00:00:00
Lesson 1: Learning the Korean Alphabet
Lesson 1: Learning the Korean Alphabet 03:00:00
Learn how to read, write and speak the Korean Alphabet (Hangeul) through this lesson
Learning the Korean Alphabet 02:00:00
Syllable Structure, Listening & Spelling Practice 02:00:00
Lesson 2: Pronunciation Rules
Lesson 2: Pronunciation Rules 01:30:00
Practice Reading and Learn the correct pronunciation of Korean words through the Pronunciation Rules Lesson
Pronunciation Rules 02:00:00
Lesson 3: Self Introduction
Lesson 3: Self Introduction 06:00:00
Learn how to introduce yourself by stating your name, occupation and nationality. Learn also how to ask one's nationality and practice sentence construction by reading and speaking with listening exercises.
Self-Introduction (Part 1: Occupation and Country Vocabulary) 02:00:00
Self-Introduction (Part 2: Application and Listening Practice) 02:00:00
Self-Introduction (Part 3: Classroom Things Vocabulary) 02:00:00
Self-Introduction (Part 4: Application Part 2 and Objects Vocabulary) 02:00:00
Lesson 4: Present Tense (요 form)
Lesson 4: Present Tense (요 form) 06:00:00
Learn how to transform verbs into Present tense (요 form) and use them into stating your day - to - day activities through the Object-Verb Sentence Pattern.
Present Tense 요 form (Verb Vocabulary and Present Tense Conjugation) 02:00:00
Present Tense 요 form (Grammar Application) 02:00:00
Present Tense 요 form (Negative Sentence [안], Also [도]) 02:00:00
Lesson 5: Date and Day (Sino Korean Numbers)
Lesson 5: Date and Day (Sino Korean Numbers) 06:00:00
Learn how to ask and tell the day and date through Sino Korean numbers and learn also about the time particle.
Sino Korean Numbers 02:00:00
What is the date tomorrow? 02:00:00
What food do you like? (무슨, 에 time particle) 02:00:00
Lesson 6: Time and Place (Native Korean Numbers)
Lesson 6: Time and Place (Native Korean Numbers) 04:30:00
Learn how to tell time through the combination of Native Korean and Sino Korean Numbers. Learn also about telling the duration of an action and using place particles.
Native Korean Numbers and Time 02:00:00
Where are you going? (에 가다 / 에 오다, 에서) 02:00:00
Lesson 7: Location
Lesson 7: Location 03:00:00
Learn how to tell if there is or there is none of that thing in a place. Learn also how locate things and places by position in a specific place. 
Do you have a pencil? (이/가 있어요, P에 이/가 있어요) 02:00:00
What are you doing in the library? (에 가요, 에 있어요, 에서) 02:00:00
Lesson 8: Buying Items
Lesson 8: Buying Items 04:30:00
Learn how to  use count nouns and use them in constructing sentences related to buying items or ordering something in a restaurant. Learn also how to say 'How much?' and tell big numbers related to money.
Lesson 9: Past & Future Tense (요 form)
Lesson 9: Past & Future Tense (요 form) 01:30:00
Learn how to transform verbs into past and future tense (요 form) and also use them in constructing sentences.

Course Reviews


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  1. great start


    this class is a perfect start for beginner korean learners! altho i have prior knowledge on the language (since i self studied it before), it’s nice to start from the basics and work yourself up. miss gi is very accommodating on answering questions and explains each lesson very well. the pacing is good too! highly recommended esp to those with zero knowledge at all. ♡

  2. Good foundational course


    I learned a lot from this course. First of all, you will really learn how to read and write in Korean. Especially how to pronounce the characters and words correctly. This is reinforced by worksheets, videos, listening exercises and practice tests that you can do at your own pace, as well as recitation during online classes.

    Second, grammar — what I thought of as probably the hardest part in learning the Korean language, was actually presented in an easy to understand, step by step format. The instructor taught us the basic rules that we can apply when forming sentences or creating the past, present, and future tenses of verbs.

    Aside from that, there are many other useful topics as well such as counting in Korean, how to buy something, how to order food; money, dates, asking for directions, etc…sulit na sulit talaga.

    Our teacher is also very patient, she answers all our questions and doesn’t give up until we understand the lesson or topic and get the pronunciation right.

    It may take some more lessons for me to be able to reach my goal of watching Kdramas without subtitles, but this is a really good start. Thank you Rikakanashi and Exploring Korean! I really enjoyed this course. Till next time! 💜

  3. Working mom seriously learning hangugeo for oppas.


    I have previously enrolled & studied 한국어 online (for the love of Kdramas & Kpop). Then pandemic came, my focus was distracted for a while, until I met our very supportive teacher in one of the FB Groups ~ she offered K-Language courses and my passion reincarnated. 선생님, 고마오요.
    Although I have finished Korean Beginner Level 1, I made sure to reboot myself by starting off from the scratch.

    The Teacher ~ It felt home because our teacher was Pinay; I didn’t need to pressure myself when I got back to studying Korean once again. For me, it was a fullfilling restart while catching up with my passion. I had so much fun as I collected what I have previously learned one by one once again. Our teacher made her own adjustment in helping us out according to our own weaknesses & strengths (most of us in the class are first-time learners, thank you for the patience, 선생님 ♡). The best part for me is the connection ~ our teacher was also accessible (even after class) & approachable as we maintain the respect of each other’s personal lives (y’know, we sometimes encounter weird Korean words in Kdramas and Kpop lyrics and she’s been helpful in assisting us with such curiousity ♡)

    Night Class – twice a week! Yay! working moms like me and some classmates abroad were able to follow the classes (I had a perfect attendance all throughout the course, who-hoo!). The schedule is an advantage, it’s definitely a good balance for busy learners like me, I guess. 🥰

    Ratio: Quality vs quantity. I love the class, it was kept small & organised so everyone could participate. I have witnessed everyone’s improvement as the course progresses.

    Materials – 좋아요! Zoom meeting is clear. Everything’s digital (obviously), handy & convenient. We were not drowned with overwhelming instructions in 한글 nor alphabet texts. Our teacher customised the materials for us, she made sure to balance the modules with pictures of our idols or comical arts and texts. It wasn’t boring, 재밀 있어서. 👍🏻

    Tuition Fee ~ OMG! The most affordable, and sulit one I have had. This is the lowest tuition fee I’ve paid for in a language course. Not being a cheapskate here but I was not expecting to revive my K-language passion when I joined EK so I was willing to invest in their budget-friendly course offer & not expecting to have fun while learning, but guess what? I did so! No regrets! It’s a practical investment for a quality learning.

    Certificate – Of course! It’s in black & white. It’s one of the simple joys I earned when grabbed this offer ~ by being recognised by EK for my hard work when I survived and completed the course. #humblebrag 😊😄

    I have talked about the pros in my experience with EK. The only cons for me is the limited offer for a number of students only. 😊

    So, I made sure to reserve a slot in advance. Yes, once again, we will only be kept as a small group & I am now at ease while currently waiting for the next course – Korean Beginner – Level 2 soon. 😊

  4. Highly-recommended Beginner Class


    I’ve always wanted to learn Hangeul ever since our trip to Seoul almost 3 years ago, but I haven’t been able to find a course that fit my specifications. So I’m truly grateful that I got offered this one and it was a good kickstart in my learning journey.

    My knowledge on speaking the language was close to zero except for the few phrases I learned while watching Kdramas and listening to Kpop. Reading Hangeul was a different story since I really had no idea how to do it when I started the classes.

    During the beginning, I honestly thought that I would really have a hard time learning & retaining the basics because it was different from what I’m used to. But the handouts, videos and, of course, the instructor were very helpful in making me absorb the lessons. Gi was very patient with us, the beginners, and she had an effortless way of making Hangeul more understandable for us. It was even possible to self study or review with the handouts & the videos available.

    Classes were interactive and it pushed the students to apply the lessons learned. I appreciate this a lot since I think application is the best way to learn anything new. I particularly liked the listening exercises because it gives us a glimpse of what we should expect when interacting with native speakers.

    Now that I am starting in Beginner 2, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to remember everything but I was surprised that what I’ve learned came naturally to me. I can read simple words & can now construct simple sentences. If not for Beginner 1, I wouldn’t be able to do this at the level I am doing it now.

    The start might be daunting and going through the basics might feel sluggish, but I do believe that slow and steady wins the race. Just keep at it and enjoy the Beginner 1 lessons. Trust me when I say that it will be fruitful. 🙂

  5. Fun way to learn Korean Language!


    First of all, this course has a nice syllabus. We started from the introduction to Korean language (such as reading and writing Korean Alphabet) then gradually move to more complex topics. The listening exercises, recitations, and other activities in class were really fun and interactive. I had fun learning with my classmates who also share the same interests with me. 💜

    In this course, we were taught about the fundamentals of learning Korean language. We can now construct and understand some words and phrases. I’m so happy that now I can understand few words/phrases while watching Korean dramas. In addition to that, we also discussed about Korean culture such as the events that they celebrate, their dining etiquette, etc.

    What I like about this course is how approachable our instructor was. She was very patient, especially when we were struggling with certain topics. She would give more examples and keep asking questions until we were able to learn from it.

    I highly recommend this course especially to those who are starting from scratch and wanted to learn Korean Language. It’s a fun way to learn a new language! 💜

  6. A+!


    In a span of roughly 4 months, I went from having zero knowledge to being able to identify some words I hear on k-dramas and on my fave group’s posts! It definitely took some effort but with the way Teacher Gizelle taught, it was easier. She would use actual clips from shows/v-lives and also parts from songs to make it easier for us to recall words or how to structure sentences. She also takes note where we have difficulty and adjusts accordingly to make it easier for us to learn. Looking forward to Beginner Level 2, 선생님!

  7. for the love of reading


    I recently picked up reading manhwas as a hobby, and I thought I’d like to read the chapters in the original, Korean raws. I then saw the tweets about a Korean Language beginner class on my feed, and then I found myself enrolling on a whim. I was nervous at first since it’s been years since I had classes. I thought to myself if I’m still capable of learning something new, something that’s out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t easy, it really took a lot of time and effort. But with the help of our instructor, Ms. Gizelle, who is hands-on and patient with us, we were able to finish 12 weeks of our Beginner 1 classes. The pacing and the course syllabus are just right for establishing the foundation. The class recitations, although dreadful for me at first, became a fun learning experience since all of us in the class are interacting. Overall, I would say Exploring Korean’s Beginner 1course is worth the time and money. Thank you so much, and see you soon in Beginner 2! 🙂

  8. Slow-paced but effective learning experience


    Been wanting to study Korean for so long but can’t find the perfect class that would fit my work schedule. I’m glad I saw Ms Gizelle’s post on twitter offering this Korean Class for beginners as I was able to learn the language conveniently. The beginner 1 class is a great start to build your foundation on the language. It may be hard at first but with Ms. Gizelle’s help, we were able to adjust eventually. The length of the class is good too coz it’s not too long so you would not feel drained or burned out after every class, instead you would look forward to the next session! The recitations during class is fun as we were able to interact with our classmates as well. Ms Gizelle would give us several practice exercises that could really help us retain what we have learned during discussion, and she would help us if we have difficulties to answer a certain question/problem. Also, I really enjoyed the listening exercise! Especially if you can understand what they were saying or if you were able to point out the vocabs they used. Overall, it was a great and fun learning experience! Can’t wait for Beginner 2 🥳

  9. Korean Beginner 1


    Super duper enjoyed every bit of KR Beginner 1 with Ms. G! It’s the perfect course for anyone who has little to no knowledge of the Korean Language. The topics were discussed clearly. My favorite part was whenever we’d interact with our classmates during recitations. I believe I was able to easily learn the topics because of the said activity. Also loved the listening activities and wish there were more! Looking forward to KR Beginner 2 class. Thank you for being patient with us, Ms. G! You’re the best!

  10. Korean Class 1 Experience


    I highly recommend this class as I really learned at my own pace. Miss Gizelle is really patient with her students. I didn’t feel any pressure in the class. I really enjoyed the class because as I was learning, we also get to talk about our common interests and hobbies. I learned how to read and write the very first meeting we had. After our class ended, I really saw the difference back from when we first started to how we ended. My knowledge of the Korean Language grew a lot. Thank you for the LONG patience Miss G and for really believing in us that we can and we will. Kudos!

  11. Unforgettable First Korean Class Experience


    Learning Korean is one of the things in my bucket list so when I enrolled in, I was excited and also a bit nervous since it’s my first time attending one.

    The first thing that came to my mind after my first class was, ‘It was fun and exciting’ since I have a kind and warm teacher and eager classmates who made the class lively and enjoyable. I’ll give my first korean lesson a 5 because Teacher Ghie tackled our lessons thoroughly, carefully and patiently. Teacher Ghie would always make us read a sentence then ask us what we think about those sentences. After which, she’d explain and call us one by one to see who really did listen. That’s what I like about our classes. Teacher Ghie always prepared listening activities, examples and lots of practice activities. She always made us practice speaking in korean through simple sentences and conversations.

    The thing I appreciated the most every class is when we always have a review of our past lessons since I tend to forget past discussions. Teacher Ghie has always been patient to us or to me as she always corrects my wrong pronunciations so that I can correct it as earlier as possible.

  12. Ideal Course for Beginners


    Ms Gizelle’s course is ideal for beginners who wish to learn Korean at a steady pace. Her lectures and handouts are well constructed and well thought of. The flow is steady yet appropriate, and exchanges during actual classes are challenging yet fun. I also appreciate having a Filipina teacher who can explain concepts in the vernacular without leaving ideas lost in translation. As a learner with subpar background in basic Korean, I found explanations on the nuisances of the language most helpful, and this was done well by Ms. Giselle 🙂

  13. Korean Beginner Class with Teacher Gi


    As someone who started with zero knowledge of the Korean language, I can definitely say the classes of Teacher Gi helped me as a foundation course in my journey to learning Hangul. In terms of the lessons, the sequence from one topic to next was very organized, which helped me understand how one topic is connected to the other. Teacher Gi utilizes a variety of engagement techniques, such as a lot of recitation/practice exercises, listening exercises, videos, and other activities. Many handouts/materials are provided, which is very helpful when reviewing the things that were discussed. She is also very patient with her students, and provides feedback as to how we can improve how we say/construct Korean phrases/sentences. She provides us tips to help us further retain the things discussed in class. Even though it was challenging, I definitely had fun learning with my classmates. Definitely looking forward to Beginner 2!

  14. perfect for beginners!


    Came in this course only knowing a handful of korean words, not knowing even the letters.
    Perfectly paced and i think the topics compiled naturally. I’m now able to read and write hangeul and know basic vocabulary! I can understand and construct basic (and highly useful) phrases/sentences 🙂

    Thanks ms g!!!

  15. Thankful


    I highly recommend the Korean classes ni Ms. Ghie!!! I was part of her Batch 5 of Beginner 1. I’ve actually started learning Korean 5yrs ago through self study but im so thankful na nagstart pa rin ako sa Beginner 1 class ni Ms. Ghie because sobrang dami ko pa pala talagang need na matutunan na basics. Like there were pronunciations na all these time mali pala pag pronounce ko 😭 buti na-correct yon dito. The structure of the class is also great because you get to practice to speak and understand words together with your classmates. Sobrang helpful talaga na meron kang teacher na makakapag guide and correct sayo and you could ask questions. Compared sa self study only (but of course you also have to study and review outside classes). If you miss classes, zoom recordings will be uploaded so makakahabol ka pa din and parang nasa class ka pa din while watching. Soft copy of handouts are given. There are listening exercises also so you get to listen to native Korean speakers. I am now taking the Beginner 2 class. And I plan to continue taking classes with Ms. Ghie to continue improving my skills in the Korean language. 🙂

  16. Perfect beginner course to learn Korean


    The class is structured in a way that’s logical and builds on each other. In that way, it’s both easy to follow and challenging at the same time. Classes are highly participative and interactive, with reading and writing exercises per week. Ms. Ghie is also very patient and will kindly correct you when you do mess up so no need to feel embarrassed or awkward. Overall, I highly recommend this course if you want to learn at least the very basics of reading and writing Korean!

  17. KRB 1


    This course is great for those who wants to learn Korean Language. I enrolled in this class kasi I love K-Pop and K-Drama. I want to understand what they’re saying without subtitles. Although I am super far pa sa goal ko, this course helped me a lot kasi now I can read, understand, and construct simple phrases.

    The activities are super fun and vv helpful kasi mas nareretain yung lessons. I also like na the meetings are recorded so pwede mo siyang panoorin to study the lesson ulit or if hindi nakapasok kayang kaya humabol kasi may vids.

    Thank you po sa patience, Ms. G! Looking forward po sa KRB2 ♡



    This course is ideal for people who are working since classes only happen on weekends. The course is well-made and systematic as it is not too dreading and overwhelming. The interactive activities are also super fun and it helps more in retention of the lesson. You also won’t feel any pressure so it will make you want to take on the next level. Miss Gizelle is very very hands-on with her students and is accommodating even outside class.

    Thank you so much, Miss Gizelle, for contributing a lot to my Hangugeo Journey!

  19. Korean Beginner 1 Batch 7


    For people who like active learning, go for this class. Ms Gi will keep you on your toes especially on the Korean alphabet, their sounds and pronunciation. There are lots of reading, conversing and listening involved. It is very engaging and fun with your classmates. The handouts are helpful especially in writing practice. The listening practices are very fun to do especially as the class progresses and you are able to understand the conversation. Ms Gi also teaches and explains the concepts esp in the present tense lessons, not to torture us but to have us understand why it is the way it is at first and then help us remember it easily. This class is so worth it and is easy to express your questions since the teacher is also Filipino so she understands what your worries in learning are. Walang lost in translation dito. 😆 Hope to join beginner 2 class soon when the time and money permits. 🤭


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