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KOREAN BEGINNER 1 (Video Lesson) [English]

In this class, you will learn the Basic Korean Language for Low Beginners.
The course includes video tutorials, essential vocabulary and exercises. Through this, you can learn the Korean Alphabet up to Basic Grammars and sentence construction.
The Korean Beginner 1 Video Lessons are set in the English Language. The flow of the lesson includes review of the previous lesson, dialogue, vocabulary and grammar discussion with sufficient examples and exercises.
After watching the video lessons, it is recommended to answer the designated quiz per lesson.


√ Total of 17 approximately 1-hr video lessons
√ Consists of 15 sets of Essential Vocabulary
√ There are 19 sets of Quizzes that you can take at your own pace
√ The medium of teaching is English
√ Can access through computer and mobile
√ Certificate of Completion


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What you will learn:

  • How to read and write using the Korean Alphabet system called Hangeul
  • Proper Pronunciation Rules and Reading Practice
  • Self Introduction using Formal and Casual Polite Form
  • Supplementary Lessons (What is this?)
  • Transformation of Verbs into Present, Past and Future Tense (요 form).
  • Negation of sentences for Be (is, are, am) ending and Present 요 form ending
  • Two Basic Sentence Pattern and their usage (the foundation of Korean Language Grammar)
  • Two Korean Counting Systems (Sino-Korean Numbers & Native Korean Numbers)
  • Telling date, day and time
  • Stating your day to day activities through verb endings with place and time particles
  • Locating people, things and places and their specific positions
  • How to buy items and order in restaurants
  • 500+ Nouns and Verb Vocabulary
  • Practice Reading, Constructing Sentence through Speaking and Writing and Listening through Native Korean Speaking Audio Exercises



Course Curriculum

Unit 1-1: Learning the Hangeul
[KB1] Video #1: Learning the Korean Alphabet 00:57:00
Learn how to read and write the Korean Alphabet known as Hangeul in this lesson.
[KB1] Quiz #1: Learning the Korean Alphabet 02:00:00
Unit 1-2: Syllable Structure and Pronunciation
[KB1] Video #2: Syllable Structure and Reading Practice 00:52:00
This lesson tackles the proper pronunciation for every syllable structure. Aside from that, it helps the students to practice reading per syllable structure. Proper reading of the Assignment from previous unit also known as Essential Vocabulary was demonstrated.
[KB1] Quiz #2: Syllable Structure, Listening & Spelling Practice 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #3: Pronunciation Rules 00:59:00
This lesson is about the different Pronunciation Rules of Korean Alphabet. It is explained in details how to pronounce each syllable or word depending on the letter indicated. Proper pronunciation of the previous vocabulary is also discussed here. Aside from that a little exercise was shown to practice the pronunciation rules discussed in the lesson.
[KB1] Quiz #3: Pronunciation Rules 02:00:00
Unit 2: Self-Introduction (이에요/예요, 이/가 아니에요, 도)
[KB1] Video #4: Self – Introduction 01:05:00
This lesson is about introducing yourself. Grammars like 입니다, 이에요/예요 and the usage of 도 is discussed in this lesson. The vocabulary discussed from previousunits were used in this grammar lesson as well.
[KB1] Quiz #4-1: Self-Introduction (Part 1: Occupation and Country Vocabulary) 02:00:00
[KB1] Quiz #4-2: Self-Introduction (Part 2: Application and Listening Practice) 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #5: Self Introduction Part 2 & What is this? 01:12:00
This lesson is the continuation of Video 4's lesson about Self-Introduction. Other ways to find out one's name, nationality and occupation through dialogues are discussed here. Aside from that, how to ask 'What is this?' and how to properly answer this question will also be tackled.
[KB1] Quiz #5-1: Self-Introduction (Part 3: Classroom Things Vocabulary) 02:00:00
[KB1] Quiz #5-2: Self-Introduction (Part 4: Application Part 2 and Objects Vocabulary) 02:00:00
Unit 3: Present 요 form (아/어/해요, 안, 도)
[KB1] Video #6: Present Tense (요 form) 00:54:00
This lesson is about transforming verbs into its present form but in 요 form. There are different kinds of rules to consider in transforming into present tense of the verb and these will all be discussed here.
[KB1] Quiz #6: Present Tense 요 form (Verb Vocabulary and Present Tense Conjugation) 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #7: What are you doing? 00:58:00
In this video, you will learn how to use verbs in the sentence. You will be able to say what you are doing in the present. Object particles are also introduced in this lesson.
[KB1] Quiz #7: What are you doing? (Grammar Application) 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #8: I don’t eat peach. 00:52:00
In this video, you will learn how to express negative sentence using 안 with verbs and express 'also' using 도 with verbs.
[KB1] Quiz #8: I don’t eat peach (안, 도) 02:00:00
Unit 4: Sino Korean Numbers (몇 월 며칠이에요?, 날짜, 요일, 무슨, 에)
[KB1] Video #9: Sino-Korean Numbers 00:58:00
In this video, you will learn about the Sino-Korean Numbers. You will know how to apply these numbers when saying your phone numbers and saying dates.
[KB1] Quiz #9: Sino Korean Numbers 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #10: What is the date tomorrow? 00:50:00
In this video, you will learn how to ask and tell your phone number and the date. You will also know about the special holidays and occasions in Korean and asking and telling about your birthday.
[KB1] Quiz #10: What is the date tomorrow? 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #11: What Korean Food do you like? 00:59:00
In this video, you will learn how to ask someone what day is it today, what food, what fruit or what beverage someone like, eat or drink. You will also know how to tell when an action takes place.
[KB1] Quiz #11: What food do you like? (무슨, 에 time particle) 02:00:00
Unit 5: Native Korean Numbers (ㅇ 시 ㅇ 분 '시간', 에 가다, 에서)
[KB1] Video #12: Native Korean Numbers and Time 01:03:00
In this video, you will learn about the Native Korean Numbers and its usage. You will also know how to ask for the age and time and how to answer them as well. You will also know how to express the duration of one's action.
[KB1] Quiz #12: Native Korean Numbers and Time 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #13: Where are you going? 00:49:00
In this video, you will learn places, how to ask where someone is going and how to answer as well. We will also discuss the actions that happen in a certain place.
[KB1] Quiz #13: Where are you going? (에 가다 / 에 오다, 에서) 02:00:00
Unit 6: Location (이/가 있어요/없어요, 에 있어요/없어요)
[KB1] Video #14: Do you have a pencil? 01:03:00
In this video, you will learn about how to ask and say the location of an object, place or person.
[KB1] Quiz #14: Do you have a pencil? (이/가 있어요, P에 이/가 있어요) 02:00:00
[KB1] Video #15: What are you doing in the library? 00:38:00
In this video, you will learn the difference among these three concepts: ~에 가요, ~에 있어요, 에서.
[KB1] Quiz #15: What are you doing in the library? (에 가요, 에 있어요, 에서) 02:00:00
Unit 7: Buying Items (단위 명사, 얼망예요?, 주세요)
[KB1] Video #16: How much is one ramyeon? 01:00:00
In this video, you will learn the Big Sino Korean Numbers (Korean Money), Korean Counters, How to ask and answer price of an item and how to order or buy an item.
[KB1] Quiz #16: How much is one ramyeon? (Big Sino Korean Numbers, Korean Counters, 얼마예요?, 주세요, 하고) 02:00:00
Unit 8: Past and Future 요 form
[KB1] Video #17: What did you do yesterday? 00:37:00
In this video, you will learn how to conjugate verbs into past and future tense in the 요 form.
[KB1] Quiz #17: What did you do yesterday? (Past Tense & Future Tense) 02:00:00

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