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In this class, you will learn the Basic Korean Language for Low Beginners. The course includes video tutorials, essential vocabulary and exercises from Learning the Korean Alphabet to Basic Grammars and sentence construction.

Korean Beginner 1 International (BLENDED LEARNING):

  • You can take the course at a specific schedule (Starts Aug. 21, 2023 this cycle)
  • Includes video tutorials, essential vocabulary and exercises
  • 1hr per week practice (Schedule will be discussed with enrolled students)
  • Total of 17-1hr video with 1hr weekly live session via Zoom Meeting (No. of hours practice will depend on the number of students enrolled)
  • BONUS: Awarding and Korean Etiquette/Culture discussion on the 18th hour.


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What you will learn:

  • How to read and write using the Korean Alphabet system called Hangeul
  • Proper Pronunciation Rules and Reading Practice
  • Self Introduction using Formal and Casual Polite Form
  • Supplementary Lessons (What is this?)
  • Transformation of Verbs into Present, Past and Future Tense (요 form).
  • Negation of sentences for Be (is, are, am) ending and Present 요 form ending
  • Two Basic Sentence Pattern and their usage (the foundation of Korean Language Grammar)
  • Two Korean Counting Systems (Sino-Korean Numbers & Native Korean Numbers)
  • Telling date, day and time
  • Stating your day to day activities through verb endings with place and time particles
  • Locating people, things and places and their specific positions
  • How to buy items and order in restaurants
  • 500+ Nouns and Verb Vocabulary
  • Practice Reading, Constructing Sentence through Speaking and Writing and Listening through Native Korean Speaking Audio Exercises


Course Curriculum

1st Month
Week 1: Learning the Korean Alphabet 7 days
Learn how to read and write the Korean Alphabet known as Hangeul in this week's lesson.
Week 1: Essential Vocabulary 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Learning the Korean Alphabet 02:00:00
Week 2: Syllable Structure and Reading Practice 7 days
This lesson tackles the proper pronunciation for every syllable structure. Aside from that, it helps the students to practice reading per syllable structure. Proper reading of the Assignment from previous week also known as Essential Vocabulary was demonstrated.
Week 2: Essential Vocabulary (Country & Classroom Things) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Syllable Structure, Listening & Spelling Practice 02:00:00
Week 3: Pronunciation Rules 7 days
This lesson is about the different Pronunciation Rules of Korean Alphabet. It is explained in details how to pronounce each syllable or word depending on the letter indicated. Proper pronunciation of the previous vocabulary is also discussed here. Aside from that a little exercise was shown to practice the pronunciation rules discussed in the lesson.
Week 3: Essential Vocabulary (Occupation) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Pronunciation Rules 02:00:00
Week 4: Self – Introduction 7 days
This lesson is about introducing yourself. Grammars like 입니다, 이에요/예요 and the usage of 도 is discussed in this lesson. The vocabulary discussed from previous weeks were used in this grammar lesson as well.
Week 4: Essential Vocabulary (Objects) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Self-Introduction (Part 1: Occupation and Country Vocabulary) 02:00:00
[KB1IBL] Self-Introduction (Part 2: Application and Listening Practice) 02:00:00
2nd Month
Week 5: Self Introduction Part 2 & What is this? 7 days
This lesson is the continuation of Week 4's lesson about Self-Introduction. Other ways to find out one's name, nationality and occupation through dialogues are discussed here. Aside from that, how to ask 'What is this?' and how to properly answer this question will also be tackled.
Week 5: Essential Vocabulary (Verbs) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Self-Introduction (Part 3: Classroom Things Vocabulary) 02:00:00
[KB1IBL] Self-Introduction (Part 4: Application Part 2 and Objects Vocabulary) 02:00:00
Week 6: Present Tense (요 form) 7 days
This lesson is about transforming verbs into its present form but in 요 form. There are different kinds of rules to consider in transforming into present tense of the verb and these will all be discussed here.
Week 6: Essential Vocabulary (Verbs with Objects) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Present Tense 요 form (Verb Vocabulary and Present Tense Conjugation) 02:00:00
Week 7: What are you doing? 7 days
In this video, you will learn how to use verbs in the sentence. You will be able to say what you are doing in the present. Object particles are also introduced in this lesson.
Week 7: Essential Vocabulary (Sino-Korean Numbers & Date) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] What are you doing? (Grammar Application) 02:00:00
Week 8: I don’t eat peach. 7 days
In this video, you will learn how to express negative sentence using 안 with verbs and express 'also' using 도 with verbs.
Week 8: Essential Vocabulary (Days of the week, Occasions / Holidays) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] I don’t eat peach (안, 도) 02:00:00
3rd Month
Week 9: Sino-Korean Numbers 7 days
In this video, you will learn about the Sino-Korean Numbers. You will know how to apply these numbers when saying your phone numbers and saying dates.
Week 9: Essential Vocabulary (Beverage, Fruits and Food) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Sino Korean Numbers 02:00:00
Week 10: What is the date tomorrow? 7 days
In this video, you will learn how to ask and tell your phone number and the date. You will also know about the special holidays and occasions in Korean and asking and telling about your birthday.
Week 10: Essential Vocabulary (Past, Present, Future) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] What is the date tomorrow? 02:00:00
Week 11: What Korean Food do you like? 7 days
In this video, you will learn how to ask someone what day is it today, what food, what fruit or what beverage someone like, eat or drink. You will also know how to tell when an action takes place.
Week 11: Essential Vocabulary (Native Korean Numbers, Time) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] What food do you like? (무슨, 에 time particle) 02:00:00
Week 12: Native Korean Numbers and Time 7 days
In this video, you will learn about the Native Korean Numbers and its usage. You will also know how to ask for the age and time and how to answer them as well. You will also know how to express the duration of one's action.
Week 12: Essential Vocabulary (Place) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Native Korean Numbers and Time 02:00:00
4th Month
Week 13: Where are you going? 7 days
In this video, you will learn places, how to ask where someone is going and how to answer as well. We will also discuss the actions that happen in a certain place.
Week 13: Essential Vocabulary (Objects & Location) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Where are you going? (에 가다 / 에 오다, 에서) 02:00:00
Week 14: Do you have a pencil? 00:00:00
In this video, you will learn about how to ask and say the location of an object, place or person.
Week 14: Essential Vocabulary (Big Numbers & Korean Money) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] Do you have a pencil? (이/가 있어요, P에 이/가 있어요) 02:00:00
Week 15: What are you doing in the library? 00:00:00
In this video, you will learn the difference among these three concepts: ~에 가요, ~에 있어요, 에서.
Week 15: Essential Vocabulary (Korean Counters) 10, 00:00
[KB1IBL] What are you doing in the library? (에 가요, 에 있어요, 에서) 02:00:00
Week 16: How much is one ramyeon? 00:00:00
In this video, you will learn the Big Sino Korean Numbers (Korean Money), Korean Counters, How to ask and answer price of an item and how to order or buy an item.
[KB1IBL] How much is one ramyeon? (Big Sino Korean Numbers, Korean Counters, 얼마예요?, 주세요, 하고) 02:00:00
Week 17: What did you do yesterday? 00:00:00
In this video, you will learn how to conjugate verbs into past and future tense in the 요 form.
[KB1IBL] What did you do yesterday? (Past Tense & Future Tense) 02:00:00
[KB1IBL] Korean Beginner 1 ASSESSMENT EXAM 00:00:00
Korean Beginner 1 Assessment Exam

Course Reviews


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  1. Fun and Easy!


    Korean pronunciation is hard because there’s certain stress in tone or shape of mouth to get the accurate pronunciation of the vowels or consonant….and the teacher and this course can definitely help you in your pronunciation. I love how the teacher described or act how an alphabet is pronounced. I shared what I learned to my irl friend who recently got active in BTS and interested in their language. I keep telling her that “if you want to enroll, cheap yet high quality lesson, don’t forget my korean teacher which is also my ARMY friend! She’s really good!” She had hard time in pronunciation also memorization of alphabet. I also love the sentences example, it was discussed well. It’s fun studying the vocabulary given too! And I even used it to talk to sonsaengnim. Like I described that My mother is a housewife tho also, self employed and many more. It was so fun that I can construct that sentence and my vocabulary bank improved. I wished to enroll in sonsaengnim’s more advance course 💜 감사합니다 !! 다음에 뷔용 ㅎㅎ

    To those interested, I encourage you to enroll here. I have a background with korean language. I opened a Korean dictionary when I was grade 9 and now I’m a graduating senior high school. I also have a irl friend that studied korean in a language school, it’s EPS-TOPIK one still she let me borrow some of her notes, I jotted down and study. I know I improved all these years. I’m no longer a beginner. However, my big problem is my vocabulary bank. You should really deposit more korean words^^ everyday. The lessons are useless if you don’t study and improve by yourself too. The will, the motivation and passion. As a student, I can’t really have a full time in learning korean language deeply but soon I will! Just little bit more. For now, I settled for some Instagram daily posts sometimes it’s vocabs, sometimes it’s grammar structure. Good luck on your study and have fun! 💜

  2. Great class structure, great teacher! Highly recommend!


    “I recently completed the Korean 1 beginner online class and I couldn’t be happier with my experience! The course structure was well-organized, making it easy to follow along and grasp the fundamentals of the Korean language. The instructor, Gizelle, was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, providing clear explanations and helpful feedback throughout the course. The interactive lessons and practice exercises were engaging and really helped reinforce my learning. I feel much more confident in my Korean language skills now and I’m excited to continue my journey with the next level of classes. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn Korean!”

  3. Korean Beginner 1


    This class was so informative and super fun. Gizelle is an amazing teacher and I´ve learned so much from her. I am excited for Korean Beginner 2


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